February 16, 2013
On saturday, 16th of February, took place in the
Multi Purpose Center of Forrest - Hattiesburg, a
spectacular Rodeo. We were invited to the show
by the Polk's Meat Products Company.

We thank Senator John Polk for his invitation
which we have appreciated very much!

Here some photos of the event !
The show was about to begin !
We listened to the U.S. National Anthem
(Himno nacional norteamericano)
Nice trucks were presented... !
It was not permitted to use
flash, it is why the photos had to
be taken at a low speed... !
The real show
at last begins... !
These three pictures were
taken with a delay of only
a tenth of a second ... !
See how high the horse
gets... with the cowboy on it!
The cowboy "decided" to
come down safe !
There are always other cowboys
watching... just in case !
The cowboys have to catch
the cow or calf with their
lasso... while riding !
Some of the pictures could
be Degas paintings... or not ?
At the end the public was given some shirts thrown right
from a truck... It is a pity we can't show you the enthusiasm
with which they were received!
Part of the public sitting right next
to the arena... wonderfull !